All-purpose firmware for Arduino based sensors


As an avid inventor, Arduino developer, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur, and the brain of my company Foxfire Pantheon LLC, I have toiled for three years developing programs to be universally integrated with different sensors and systems. The brainchild of my greatest developments have been radio oscillators that can resonate with anything with a pulse to produce valuable information and trigger accurate sensor driven events.

This is my company website's page on the technology.

I don't feel like swaying anyone in the wrong direction even though this is a company site, just think of it as a legal representation of myself and my developments. I am a scientist and developer who just wishes for reward on my labor.

If anyone has any constructive comments for my page and products, feel free to let me know.

This photo depicts one of my research creations. It is a construct that uses my technology to pump out high voltage oscillations that alter the conductivity of surrounding materials and even wigs out an iPhone at close range!

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To clarify what we do in a nutshell.

1: Develop proximity sensors triggered by the human presence specifically.

2: Provide incentives for developers to promote this technology in whatever product or service applicable for either personal or small business.

3: Watch the world of physical computing and ambient informatics become prominent in everyday life.

Simple concept, the human body is the switch. Imagine what that can do.

For instance, we have built a small air cooler from a cigar box. Interestingly enough, the design of this air cooler actually fluctuates the air temperature between a maximum change of -1 degrees C and +1 degrees C at room temperature. Even cooler (No pun intended) , it produces small amounts of alternating current within the box and from human motion in the range of 1 - 20 hz. Just to show what these sensors can do.

Some more pictures just in case people are interested.

Proximity Controlled Cigar Box Fans for the Arduino Afficionado & Tech Enthusiast. Designed for distributing room air thus freshening the indoor environment and helping to prevent pesky dust from settling. Also contains 4 sensor ports for thermometers, hygrometers etc.

We can make these simply proximity controlled or even metabolic energy simulating depending on your needs. If anyone has any questions please let us know.