The book "Arduino Cookbook" 2nd Edition by Michael Margolis mentions the file 'allBitmaps.h' Where can I find this file? I'm using arduino-1.0 installed on Ubuntu 10.4.

Make sure you have installed the glcd v3 library.
Michael was finishing up the book as we were working on the beta of glcd v3.

You can download it from here:

If you have already installed the glcd v3 library and you are just
looking for the file,
it is in glcd/bitmaps along with the other bitmaps that are supplied with the library.

If you haven’t already downloaded the glcd library, you may also want to check out the
Arduino ks0108 playground site, you can find the link for that on the glcd google page
referenced above.
Once you download the library, follow the instructions in the readme file inside the zip image.

— bill

One other comment:

Since you are using Arduino 1.0 you will need the glcd v3 RC3 release as that has been updated to support Arduino 1.0

--- bill

Thank you Bill.