Allegro ACS758 AC Sensor


i want to measure AC up to 32A, 230V.

I try the acs758 50A sensor (dfrobot). I try DC with the sample code and it works well, but for AC the sensor the values are not correct (the code also...).

Have somebody a code for AC measuring?


This question is asked often here, have a look back through some of the forum sections for this. As you will understand, you are able to measure a steady state current but with an alternating current you will have troubles without some additional tricks.

Some people suggest using a software approach, where you detect and measure only while the current is in the positive cycle. This can be tricky if you're not careful.

A preferred solution is to place a precision rectifier and buffer after the ACS758. Using this method will more likely give you a more accurate representation of the actual current in the conductor.