Allow debugwire on Arduino Micro

I would like to free up the reset line on the Arduino Micro to permit debugging from debugwire. I suspect this requires disabling the 10K resistor on the reset line similar to what needs to be done on Uno R3. Can someone advise on this, and if parts need to be removed, can they be identified on a parts layout diagram, thanks!

Looks you'd need to remove R1 and D2. Are you sure about debugwire? I only see references to JTAG for debug purposes in the '32U4 spec.

"25. JTAG Interface and On-chip Debug System"

Oh good point, debugwire was an assumption on my part. Will look into that. R1 and D2... I can find them on the schematic but where are they one the board? Thanks!

Never mind, you are right debugwire is not on the 32U4. A kind soul posted his hookup for JTAG and jtagICE3