allowing the ide to calculate

Please help me how could i insert an input number to be used in a formula to get the result without me myself calculating it each time . how can I do so .

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You can program the formula into the controller if it does not rely on super accuracy, but you cannot just write a formula in the IDE and make it work.

You need a controller to do the work.

Use the serial monitor on the IDE to input and output your data.

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Can you give us an example of what you're trying to do? The Arduino can do math at runtime, and the IDE (compiler) pre-processor can do some math too.

You'll need to write an expression with the "answer" on the left like this:

X = 1 + 2;

X = Y +3; // Where Y has already been defined.

And, you can do things that don't make sense in "regular math" like:
X = X + 1;