Alphabet sorting vision system

I want to Sort Alphabet blockes

I want to use Arduino to control a servo motor so that it can sort different 8 Alphabet blokes using Matlab. The Matlab code that I have it recognise the Alphabet and tell me which one it is. If its A it will return Letter.So I need help in accepting the output and control it to its slots. A Blocks at slots A, B blocks at slots B and C blocks At Slots C, till to H block.

Please note that the Block are placed randomly. I think i have to use different angles for Arduino 0-180, maybe at different of 22 degree. Can you please help with a code in MATLAB

Try the MATLAB forum

You haven't explained this very well so it is not clear if this is a Matlab, Arduino (or other) problem.

You have blocks identified by A through to H, sorted/positioned randomly and corresponding slots into which these blocks are to be placed.

A component of Matlab identifies each block (somehow?) (and its position?) and passes this information through an interface to an Arduino.

The Arduino has a servo device attached and will, on receiving this identity/position information, move the blocks to their corresponding slots.

Is that it ?

Can you post the code which is running on the Arduino ?