Alter DS3218MG Servo starting position.

I have a rock crawler and I want to replace my servo. So, I bought the servo above. However, when I turn on the rc, the servo goes straight to 90 degrees. But, I would like it to be 45 degrees instead. I have an arduino board which can configure the servo. But, how do i do it? Thanks for the help i really appreciate it.

Why not just move the servo arm round so that the position it starts in is what you call 45 degrees?


I wish it was that easy :( . It just always resets to 90 degrees whenever I start the rock crawler.

If the Arduino is controlling the servo, you can set the position of the servo before you do the attach and have it start at 45. 90 is just the default.

bujibuji, help me out with a better description of what you are doing.

You mentioned that you have an Arduino which can configure the servo. What does that mean? Is your Arduino part of your rock crawler?

If your servo is connected to a standard RC receiver, the servo will always follow the commands of the receiver. Often, 90 degrees indicates the centered position of a servo. Isn't that what you want on startup?

If you need the servo arm to be in a different position on startup, can't you follow @slipstick's advice in reply#1 and adjust the position of the servo arm on the servo output shaft? This will require removing the tiny screw that retains the servo arm, remove the arm and put it back on in the adjusted position, then replace the screw.

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