alternative clouds to phant?


I was happy using SparkFun's phant until it was discontinued. It allowed me to monitor my Arduino project by logging interesting data as well as a periodic alive signal which I could access from my phone's browser for example. I am now looking for an alternative cloud for which no particular hw nor special HTML etc skill is required.

Can someone come with recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


NB my Arduino connects to the Internet via an ethernet cable

Depending on exactly what you want to achieve, a mosquitto borker might help. You might like to look at - a cloud based mosquitto broker.

There's an android app MQTT Dash (and others), that you could use to monitor your 'alive' pings and other data. I'm sure IOS have similar MQTT apps.

There are a number of MQTT libraries you can install from the IDE with examples.

Or maybe see my comments in this post Home Monitoring similar to ThingerIO - Home Automation - Arduino Forum

Thank you ray63, to your question, all i need is to save to a cloud some exception messages of the forme

Local time ... Internet shortage from x to y


Local time ... Pir sensor bitmap 001 111 000

Or, every 15 minutes

Local time... I am Alive


Local time... Starting up

What do i do with the data? I simply read it with my phones chrome browser. I can see for instance if i had a mains shortage, an internet failure, or the infrared activity around my house so as to set an intrusion discriminator. In short, arduino sends some messages, i (hunan) read them in my leisure time and use the data to improve my project.

The project mainly for home surveillance for when I'm away

Thanks again