Alternative for arduino SD library


Is there any library which works fine on arduino,since arduino's SD library can't be used in ATmega8 of it's minimal program memory.I found a library petit Fatfs,but I don't know how to include in the arduino library.Even if included,it's doesn't works fine.Can any one please suggest me some less memory occupying SD library :slight_smile:

Why the fascination with Atmega8?
Same 28 pin DIP as the 328P

And it costs more!

Hi Cross_Roads

It seems that the price in dollors is quite cheaper,but here in Indian rupees,the price is little bit high for us.Moreover I planned to buy LPC1343 which is very much cheaper compared to ATmega328p. But that is not the thing now.I just planned to utilize this ATmega8 itself for SD library coz in nearby shops they ask $6.00 for chip itself(ATmega328p) and for bootloading they collect $ only I just try to utilise this old ATmega8.can you please suggest me another SD libraries.Is it good to use assembly language? since I am now learning assembly codes.Hopefully it uses only less memory.Can you please explain the algorithm for initializing the SD card.I'll try to convert it in assembly language. :slight_smile:

I am only familiar with SDfat as a library that's available to use.
You need to contact its developer fat16lib for more details.

I'm a hardware developer, who uses a few libraries. I'm not the guy who can break one down.

I am using PetitFS.
It works just fine.
Try this fork.

Hi CrossRoads

Thanks for you valuable suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hi aisc

I included these library to arduino.Still problems exists with the library.Can you send me some screenshots how to include the library properly to the arduino.I attached the problem encountered by me when I try to include that Petit_master library.

Change the library's folder name to "PetitFS".

Hi aisc

I still face some problems.I attached the problem which I faced when I verified the sample program given in that folder in the Arduino IDE.It shows some error.And moreover how to use this library.What are the functions there in this library?.Is there any website to help in working with petitFS?

PetitSerial is not defined for ATmega8. Remove the following lines from the example and the standard Arduino Serial will be used.

#include "PetitSerial.h"

PetitSerial PS;
// Use PetitSerial instead of Serial.
#define Serial PS

Petit Fat Resource links.

This should give u all the info u need to get it working.
Note there are settings to enable/disable certain functions.
For example I only use "read" in order to save memory.

Hi aisc and fat16lib

Thank you so much ...... :slight_smile: ...It's fine now.