Alternative IC to the 4x4 Driver Shield

I am building a Arduino-powered pinch valve system that was originally designed using the 4x4 Driver Shield from SparkFun to drive the pinch valves.

Now I am spinning my own board and I realized that the driver IC on the shield (IPS6044) is now obsolete.

To replace the IC, I chose the BTS716G. It seems to be very similar to the IPS6044 and is suitable to drive 12 V 0.67 W pinch valves.

Is there anything I am missing that may be a problem?

Thank you,

It sure looks like a direct replacement - with the BTS716 having more smarts without pull-ups required for load failure.

One thing that appears different is that the body diode on the IR part is shown schematically as a 43 volt zener. The Infineon shows a 600 mv part. I can find nothing in the old IR datasheet about the diode but the output voltage clamp limits are different. I doubt it matters with 12 volts on VBB.

While I don't have extensive first hand experience, the few Infineon replacements I've encountered for IR devices appear to be more robust designs, perhaps it's just better internal block diagrams.

Thanks avr_fred, I was confirmed by Infineon that I can use it as a replacement. The only major difference is switching time.