Alternative Joystick Shields

Hey there.

I'm looking for a Joystick Shield to create a RC transmitter but the conventional NES type Controllers don't offer enough input options for my needs (or they cost >40€). For my project I need a shield that simply offers more connections for buttons/joysticks.

It should have connections for at least 6 buttons and 2 joysticks (for x- and y-axis) or 1 joystick & 1 potentiometer. If you have any recommendations I'm happy to hear them.

Also I thought of maybe hacking a PS2-style controller that I already own if I can use that. Anyone know if that's possible?

If you think that you need a shield, select one of the many prototyping shields. Mounting and connecting the buttons and joysticks is up to you.

It may be possible to use (hack) a PS2-style controller, search the web for such projects.

search on aliexpress

After thinking it over I think I don't necessary need a shield after all. Just a solid board that I can use as a base for the buttons and joysticks. Will probably just get a prototyping shield or maybe 3D-print something that I connect via cables.
Or maybe I'll go for the simple solution and just get 2 Joystick Shields and connect via cable.

Every time I hear 2 joysticks and some buttons, I think of an RC transmitter.
You can get them used for little cash, yank out the electronics and hook it up to your arduino.
2 2-axis joysticks. Several switches. Maybe more depending on the model. Oh, and a built in battery holder, often with a rechargeable battery and charger.

Here is an example