alternative/ replacement shift register required

hi, I need to buy a single BU2090FS shift register/ latch circuit for a repair that I'm doing. Here is the datasheet: -

However, I can only find places where i can buy nothing less than bulk orders or... pay like £35 for shipping. Does anyone know of anywhere I could purchase this component individually please? Either that or if you know of any other general purpose '12-bit, serial IN, parallel OUT driver' that might be compatible then that would also help.

Thank you very much.

Maybe you can use some standalone MCU to emulate the chip - ATTiny2313 maybe? But you may have problems with pin compatibility.

Newark/Farnell, RS-components don't seem to have that part. US distributors do.

I could buy one and send it to you, cheapest mailing cost to the UK would be $13.50USD and take several weeks. You could also try for a sample from Rohm Semiconductor.