Alternative Stepper Driver

Hi everyone

A stepper driver died in my lathe today. The driver is a OD-8A-M Microstepping driver. It was set to 6a with a 70% max current. I assume this means it’s pushing max 4.2 amps to my motor.

Now I don’t want to spend over $300 for a new driver and I happen to have a DMA860H driver sitting around. If I were to set this to a similar amp rating of 3.71 Ref current with a PkCurrent of 4.45 would it work?

Let me know

You need to post links to the datasheets for both drivers so we can compare them.

Also, equally important, post a link to the datasheet for the stepper motor.

I imagine if the driver was set to 6 amps that it was putting 6 amps through the coils. Some drivers reduce the current when the motor is stationary - I suspect that is what the 70% refers to, but we need to read the datasheet.


I can’t find the Data sheet for the original. It’s the stepper that flashcut uses here is a photo the second photo is the one I’d like to replace it with.

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However photos of the hardware are no substitute for the datasheets. It is the datasheets that are essential.