Alternative to 4051

This might seem like a dumb idea and I know the 4051 is discouraged for demux applications anyways, but the main reason I am searching for an alternative is that I am demuxing into a load(s) that requires more current than the 4051 can handle. My understanding is that the 4051 can only handle about 30mA. I need something that can handle at least 60 and potentially up to 200 (and perhaps up to 12V or so)

Are there any mux/demux chips that can handle more than 200mA (and up to 12V) at their outputs? Or should I just make my own with FETs?


The TPIC6B595 shift register can handle 150mA on the outputs.
But generally most multiplexers are logic chips and they are not designed for large currents.


Do you really need a MUX function, or just to turn individual "things" on one at a time?

If it's the latter then the chip Mike suggests is good although not up to the 200mA (however I think you can parallel outputs with that chip), or use FETs as you say.