Alternative to a LoL Shield?

I'm very new to the world of LED's, went out and bought my first Arduino Uno and have trawled the internet gathering as much information as possible and also to try and find the easiest way to create an LED matrix.

I have discovered the LoL Shield but the size looks pretty static on the demos I have watched.

Can you link them together, but will I need an Arduino Uno board for each LoL Shield?

Or does anyone know of an alternative LED matrix that has addressable LED’s which can be linked to another matrix and then controlled by one Arduino Uno?

I’m baffled and lost!

I think I have read too much and over confused myself ha-ha!

Help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Something like -

That looks spot on! Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response too!

Do you if they are available in the UK?

Looks like it -