Alternative to Arduino for LED lighting project

Hello Folks,

I programmed an Arduino to blink 24 LED's on a nautical chart. The LED's blink at varying rates as the on and off times vary. I would like to try and sell these charts and was wondering if something cheaper than an Arduino would be cost effective and smaller. Once the light sequence is established it wouldn't change. Is there a device that I could download a program into? Please point me in the right direction to research.
Many thanks


Any MCU... Arduino boards are basically an MCU with a few components around to make it work. Some are necessary, some are not depending on your needs.
How many pins does your project require? Any special pins (PWN, analog input, etc.)? What current draw? What voltage? What special features do you need?
Answer all these questions and you will be able to find the right MCU for a few dollars (or whatever currency you want ^^)

For very small projects which require a few pins, the Attiny85 is a good chip. It costs a few tens of cents at some places and can be programmed using an Arduino board.

OK Sacha22 thanks,

I will look into that chip. Thanks for the advice.


Try to buy a few of them on Ebay, and search for "Attiny85 with Arduino ISP" for how to program them :wink:, not e-bay.

I've bought a few of them from Ebay and they all worked well. Indeed there's a chance that they don't, but if you need a few parts, ordering from Ebay can be a good option rather than having to pay $20 or more for only a couple of chips... And if there's a problem, you'd have lost only a few dollars.