Alternative to Evo Things

Is there an alternative to Evo Things? I am developing a BLE app and lately things get very slow sometimes I can't get a new key for hours. I brought this up with Evo Things and they said the platform is old, not well supported and that is intended primarily for students.

What are "Evo Things" ?


First time seeing that. If that’s a JavaScript Platform for Arduino, I don’t know of any.

My $.02... learn Arduino C and use Visual Studio Code. Support will be around for awhile. Check out Adafruit IO, Particle (not Arduino though), and Android Things for a backend solution for IoT that plays nicely with Arduino.

Commercial support for something like Arduino that is not already established will probably come and go.

If you’re building mobile apps, you’re in the wrong forum :wink:
But.. I use Xamarin for cross platform apps.
React is JS.

Evothings is a JavaScript platform for making mobile apps to control IOT devices. Using it myself to control an Arduino using Bluetooth. Having lots of problems with this myself so was also interested in an alternative.