Alternative to IDE - Arduino Makefile!

I have built a makefile to automatically compile Arduino programs and libraries, the makefile even searches recursivelly for source code (for both the program and the libraries). I've included the default lib (called, creatively, as default), and modified it a little (I've included a Serial.printf method, to help you guys).

The makefile also checks the size of the application and uploads it to the board (make upload).

Here's the git repository:

Let me know what you think! =D Thanks, and enjoy. ^^

Great idea man. With this we have option to actual IDE. I will try it this weekend.

I would also be a great idea if the Arduino’ creators consider modifying my code to something more generic and putting it in the oficial website ( along with the IDE (lalalalalalalala :P).

Anyway… Thank you! XD

With this we have option to actual IDE

Well there are also many many other alternative IDEs which people have got to work with the Arduino.

Thanks Takanuva! This is great news. I love the Arduino but the IDE is somewhat ‘outdated’, even KDE’s Kate is more convenient… So I support you in your request to make this code part of the official repository.

@mowcius, Can you name a few? I have done some research myself but can’t find anything that supports my needs. Any help would be appreciated.



@mowcius, Can you name a few? I have done some research myself but can't find anything that supports my needs. Any help would be appreciated.

A quick search will show you what you want.

Ohhhhh GOD I hate it when people reply like that. "Just search". What if someone searched and found this topic? Search again? Another topic: "Just search!"... it's responses like that that are directly responsible for information rot on the internet. If you don't have anything constructive to contribute, don't reply. However, I suggest an alternative: if you know the information, contribute it, even if you have to do it a thousand times - if you get tired of doing so, someone else will probably take up the slack as long as some jerkoff didn't reply with "just search".

Also, you even quoted the guy saying he's done some research already (e.g. "a quick search").


I'm mostly curious about getting the Arduino IDE to actually tell me what's going on "in its head" when I go to compile. It seems to run a long chain of various programs but it only tells me the final result, even with verbose output... that would go a long way to helping me find alternative methods anyway. 8-)

@mowcius Yes, you might be right but it only follows for the Windows scene. I am a Linux addict so the number of alternatives is what limited. Any advice would still be appreciated, because I can't find anything really usefull my self.

Ohhhhh GOD I hate it when people reply like that. "Just search".

Well I was just being truthful.

I have seen many alternative IDEs but to get to them I use the search bar...

But just for you: - Using eclipse - Not sure, just found this now... Modkit - scratch based programming environment. Ard-up - arduino hex file uploader

Some of those are not quite what you're after but interesting anyway.

Lots of people have used eclipse with the arduino but I'm not going to try link all that info.


Thanks mowicus for commenting on this. The Modkit looks nice. But I prefer to stick to common c/c++ that's more my piece of cake. Eclipse might be the right way to go. (Would prefer Netbeans.) I got the impression that the unleashed version is rather Windows oriented. So, I think I'll stick by Takanuva's solution for now.

Makefiles are definitely a useful alternative to the IDE. We used to include one with the distribution, but no one maintained it and I didn’t really have the resources to do it myself. There are now a few different Makefiles out there, e.g.:

If people standardize on one and keep it maintained, then I can include it in the distribution again.

Ahh that's where they are...


Now when I get one of these makefiles hooked up to Scite then it will be multiplatform.

When I get some time.....

edit: O yeah I remember looking at the OP "make". Its makefile GENERATOR, that seems to use Ruby? (.rb files). Looks like a total waste to me, hopefully one of the others is a real makefile???

What would I need to make this work in Windows. I'm guessing that this was written for linux?

If you never worked with makefiles you might prefer to start with scons instead.

Sconstruct files are much easier to comprehend. Of course make is the standard. But scons is superior.