Alternative to Megunolink

I have an application where by I am logging four channels on a ESP32 and right now just viewing them on Serial Plotter.

I would like to port the four channels to my Laptop wirelessly to log it and was searching for a good software and landed on the ( Want to send as UDP packets via WiFi)

It looks to be a good one and priced reasonably. But then they seem to hate clients from India and they may have their own reasons for that … mostly must be spam. Even though they allow to buy, I hate to do that as my efforts to register in the support forum has been blocked. End of road.

Just wanted to know about effective alternatives to that software … am seeking help with Google but nothing like hearing it from people who have tried other software.



Time to learn about VPNs or Proxy servers.

Yes … I know these provide a encrypted tunnel between the Client ( me ) and the Server ( the site ). But then will my domain detail be abstracted ? I don’t think so and so I will still be kicked out through the tunnel ??

I am no expert here and can actually check out to find out what happens with a paid VPN service. ( Here again the free ones don’t work I guess )


You could save the logged values in a log file into the SPIFFS of the ESP32 and send this file regularly in an email to your laptop