Alternative To Standard Serial Plotter

Hey! Several years ago I wrote a program for my fellow electronics engineer MCU Interface Studio, in which you could throw buttons on the form and tell them what to send to the COM port and in which fields on the form to display what comes from it. I safely forgot about this project for several years. And now, after a year of development, I made a program of similar functionality. It is open source on github and written in the Go language. Only now it is much richer in functions. I would like to hear your opinion on what is good and what is not good in it. One application is a replacement for a standard plotter. Runs as a Windows service. There is a regular interface, there is a Web. Who will be interested - address

I am happy to talk with those who are interested in this.

4. Upload the Scratch to your Arduino

Test Arduino Scratch - ADC

I assume that you mean sketch rather than Scratch

Thank you!
I fixed it.

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