Alternative to ultrasonic sensors for angle detection (for oncoming threats)

Hey y'all! I'm trying to make a drone that responds and moves away based on the angle a "looming threat" is detected. Initially, I thought that ultrasonic sensors would be enough; however, because the drone would be in the air, I think an omnidirectional approach would be preferred so that the drone could move in the direction opposite of the apparent threat.

Is there an alternative to using ultrasonic sensors to not only detect a looming threat but also figure the angle from which it is approaching? I also considered computer vision (using some sort of camera) but it seems a bit complex for what's supposed to be a relatively more simple project.

Thanks so much in advance!

All such collision sensors (US, IR...) work on direct reflection of the emitted signal. When that signal is not reflected straight back to the sensor, an obstacle will not be detected.

An interesting approach protects the drone from hard collisions, reacting on direct (physical) contact with an obstacle. This approach shall allow to dive e.g. into destabilized houses after a fire or earthquake, where the drone bounces into a different direction when it hits an obstacle.