Alternatives to Nano onboard USB connector

I have a project that I'm literally trying to fit into a sardine can! To get it to go, I need a way to bring USB into a Nano board, without using the onboard connector.

A Nano is powered from a 5V Apple USB charger, wired into the 5V pin. Programming (but not power) will be via mini-B USB, but due to space constraints, the port needs to be off-board. I've mounted a USB mini-B breakout board to the can, and wired it to a mini-B USB connector shell, plugged into the on-board USB port. This works great, but unfortunately, the connector shell is too large. I've done surgery to get the plastic housing smaller, but the tiny pins keep pulling out; I'm giving up on this approach. I've thought about desoldering the USB port on the Nano, and soldering directly to the breakout board, but working that small is beyond my skills. I'd be happy to replace the breakout board with something else, as long as it's not too big. What are my options? Thanks!

I think your best solution will be to practice your soldering skill until soldering directly to the Nano board is possible. A fine tip soldering iron and a magnifier will help.

Pro mini and a USB ttl adaptor.