Alternatives to Shifty VU Brite

Is there any cheaper alternative to a Shifty VU Brite?

I wanted to do it with a Octobrite- and make something like a tower that responds to audio. Is it possible?

How much cheaper are you looking for. $18 is pretty cheap.

I guess it could be considered cheap, but when you put it together with a couple of octobrites thats almost $70 bucks :(

You might be able to pull something together for cheaper if you bought really inexpensive parts from or something. But I know Macetech uses good quality stuff and sells it for a good price.

With the ShiftyVU shield and some ShiftBrites or a couple OctoBrites, you're doing pretty well. And it will all just plug together and work without much effort. You'll be able to focus your time on the construction and control program rather than the wiring.

The OctoBrites are a little expensive to start out, and we don’t really have them in stock at this point. But the Shifty VU shield definitely works for what you want to do.

How about this: you don’t actually need to use the Shifty VU shield with ShiftBrites or OctoBrites. You could build a circuit with a TLC5940 + the relevant library, or if you don’t want LED dimming you could make single-color LED columns with 74HC595 shift registers. The cost would be very low, the drawback is more wiring and design work is needed.

The Shifty VU shield just lets you make audio reactive projects, you can connect whatever other LED solution you think works best. OctoBrites or ShiftBrites are not required to use this shield.