Alternatives to tactile momentary push buttons?

So I have a little counter I made that has four of these guys:

But they're loud and difficult to press due to their size. I'm looking for something a little softer, quieter and easier to press. Any suggestions?

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12mm sealed Omron.

Perfect, thanks.

What about this one? It doesn't say it's sealed, but I can add a cap to it.

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How about that?

My partner and I have tested about 30 tactile pushbuttons. The Omron 12mm unsealed flat plunger was, by far, the favourite for feel and sound.

The problem with unsealed pushbuttons is that they eventually get dirt, oil, whatever, inside causing them to fail. Hence my suggestion for sealed.

However, one purpose for a cap is to prevent dirt, oil, whatever from getting inside. But I do not have enough experience with them to know if that works.

The one you are considering is identical to our favourite just with a different plunger. As long as it is capped, I suspect it will work well; that you will be pleased with it.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. Sometimes sorting through the hundreds of items on digikey/mouser/etc. can be a daunting task.

You are welcome.

After you have gained some experience with it please report back.