Alternatives to the ATTiny ISP Shield from How to Linux?

Hey y'all,

I ordered a pair of ATTiny ISP Shields from How to Linux about a week ago for a friend and I who have just dove in to Arduino:

Unfortunately, I haven't heard a thing from them, and my order is still sitting on hold, so I suspect they've stopped paying attention to their shop.

I liked the device because it was a simple way to program the two mcu's I would most likely use (ATMega328p and ATTiny85), as well as a bunch of other options, without having to put together a breadboard each time.

Has anyone seen any similar products that can handle both the tiny and the mega?

I'd be up for creating my own with a custom PCB, but I've never made a PCB, and I'm concerned the price would add up from mistakes. :X

Thanks for your help!

I don't know a off the shelf product but it's not that hard to make. Yes, you can roll your own PCB but that's another can of worms. But it's nothing more then a few connections. You can grab a Arduino proto shield (you can leave off that breadboard) and just solder on 2 sockets and a couple of wires :)

Another option would be just to grab normal proto PCB and just solder a dedicated Nano (or pro mini) onto that with the 2 sockets.

In both cases you can also add the status leds :)