Alternatives to the Memsic 2125


I am currently working on a school project in which I want to make a computer input with an accelerometer attached to ones head (for people with a certain disability). So the users are supposed to control the cursor by moving their head.

I was thinking about buying the Memsic 2125 as accelerometer but it's pretty expensive for me (about 25 dollars) since I have a really low budget. My dad said there are cheaper variants available but I haven't found any yet.

The accelerometer must be accurate enough to detect small movements (small angles) in the 3 axes. Does anybody know a good accelerometer I can use? Or is the Memsic 2125 the best choice?

Is it ok to buy accelerometers from here: Shop by Category | eBay or would you guys recommend the Memsic?

How are they supposed to be moving their head ? You might be better off with a gyro device.

I have used the MMA 7361 and they work just fine. You need to be aware, its a device with analog outputs, not I2C. That is probably simpler to use, as long as you have three analog inputs available.

I've never even heard of the Memsic one, so I have no idea. Bizarrely, a lot of the most obsolete devices are the most expensive, because they were expensive when they were new.