Altium MEGA shield template

R3 MEGA version
Hope this is complete, If anyone can confirm the part No’s for the connectors. Also displays in 3D
Yours Simon M. (1.64 MB)

At first glance the board looks good to me, I'll have a closer check of dimensions later. 3D looks good.

Can't comment on the part numbers, what brand are they? I use Samtec headers.


Umm, didn’t show as I’d hoped. Now I’m awake, I’ve redone with the supplier link on the schematic.
Used Samtec parts:

SSQ-106-03-G-S /LL
SSQ-106-04-G-S /LL

SSQ-108-03-G-S /LL
SSQ-108-04-G-S /LL

SSQ-110-03-G-S /LL
SSQ-110-04-G-S /LL

SSQ-118-03-G-D /LL
SSQ-118-04-G-D /LL

SSQ-106-02-G-D /LL
SSQ-106-03-G-D /LL

Arrow have the biggest range. Yet to find out from Newark if there database is out as as it has these parts as 2mm parts. (1.64 MB)

Those numbers look right.

With a Mega that has so many pins I'd think about using the low-insertion force option (24 and 23 instead of 04 and 03), I haven't tried them myself but it can be difficult to pull a lot of pins.


Noted Rob, I'll add that set to the next library release. ( Possibly later tonight) Yours Simon M.

Latest updates with more possible supplies added and part numbers

Yours Simon M (1.54 MB) (1.64 MB)

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I recently found this nice template and used it for my MEGA shield design.

Firstly, thanks for the effort, friend! I really like the 3D :slight_smile:

It appears that the digital header is wrong. It is mirrored (or something like that). For example, IO23 pin is sitting next to the label of 22. This can be fixed easily by double clicking the hole and changing the NET.

Too bad I didn’t catch this before submitting my PCB! Not a huge deal, though, since I can take care of it in software.

Improvements that can be made to the template:
Fix the digital header
Add a cutout around the USB connector
Increase hole size to 40mil from 30mil for the headers

I attach ArduinoMEGA.INTLIB

ArduinoMEGE.ZIP (279 KB)