AltSoftSerial Library

hi! i am new on arduino and c++, but i am crazy enough to try a project which need 2 different serial streaming. i have connected adafruit ultimate gps to my uno r3 board, pins 8 and 7, and also i have a co2 sensor, which uses pins 2 and 3. both of them outputs data in streaming mode. i put together some pieces of sketch provided by adafruit, to read gps data and i modified another piece of sketkc found in internet, to read co2 data. but the sketch with both of them does not work. if i comment the lines related to gps it outputs correctly co2 values, if i comment the lines related to co2 readings, it outputs gps data correctly. reading in the forum, i found out this thread and i suppose that arduino has problems reading 2 different streamings. i tried to use this altsoftserial, but i was not able to make it works. if anyone could help me, it would be very appreciated! thank you, bye!

So, if I understand this thread correctly, there is no way to configure a UNO to s/w transmit on a different pin? Actually, I don't care what's on pin 9, but I need pin 3 to transmit, because of what's on a shield I'm using. And yes, I realize I can re-wire the physical connections, but I'd rather not.

Hello i need add attiny 85 on boards for Altsoftserial library. I dont know what...


I have a board with MEGA 32U4 and the only pins exposed are 10 and 11 (MOSI and MISO pins)
Can I use these pins with atlSoftSerial lib?


PS. Ok I just learned that on ATMEGA 32U4 only PINs 32 (PC7) and 25 (PD4) are ICPn capable