Aluminum Pan & Tilt bracket, price slashed


I got few of those Pan and Tilt Brackets with 2 mini servos and they are currently being auctioned on eBay. Check it here

Pan Tilt Servo Bracket robots Arduino Sparkfun Pololu

Full spec is in the ad.

These brackets are realy fenomenal for robotic projects. Use them to make your sensors scan around or mount a video camera on them.

Come on… you could have just posted in your old thread rather than making a new one. This forum isn’t really for advertising anyway. If it’s a one off item then yeah ok but selling a load of something makes it seem more like a business venture and that is dubious, starting to be rather spam like.

Nice brackets though but please don’t be posting about all the products you are selling (especially twice :P)


His last ones were plastic weren’t they?

No, same thing.