Am I barking up the right tree?

Hi All,

I’m no slouch when it comes to hardware/code, etc… but new enough to Arduino to not know if this project I envision is the right match.

Basically, I want to control everything with everything. Monitor anything with anything.

Talking pumps? We got pumps.
Temp sensors? We got temp sensors.
Fluid level? Got that too.
Lights, motors, cameras? You bet!
Solenoids, switches, microphones… darn tootin.
Voltage and current sensing? What do you think!?
Motion and touch? Do you have to ask?

Local control/display? Hell yes! Touch screen even.
Interact with the phone or the interwebs? Naturally.
Send alerts… damn right!

Self drive my car?
Welllll… ok. Not that far. So not everything… but close.

Without having to stack 350 shields in a custom air-conditioned enclosure and getting a direct high voltage line from Hoover Dam…

Is Arduino even reasonable for this level of work?

Thanks for your thoughts.

No, for all that you should go to Raspberry PI 4.

No, for all that you should go to Raspberry PI 4.

Thank you! I really appreciate the direct answer, and the bonus recommendation! You rock.