Am I crazy? PC LED lighting

So the big picture issue that I'm trying to solve is:

Most of the major computer component manufacturers have different ways of controlling LEDs. This forces people who want to have a themed LED PC to either buy all one brand (which when it comes to companies like nzxt is impossible b/c they do not make GPU's,) or for the user to try and just sync basic LED themes together through two or more software's (that all eat resources.)

Results I've gotten so far:

  • Coolermaster rgb aio coolers come with 4pin wired controlled LEDs. Which, is easy. Positive (9v in my test, think it can handle 12v) connector is pin farthest left when looking at connector with arrow pointing up. The rest of the four connectors are G, R. B. I understand how this works, we'll kind of. The voltage to each R, G, B , connector changes the color and the PWM effects ( not affects right lol?), brightness.

  • I'm also assuming that now that I understand how to test this fan (coolermaster 120ab mastercool) , that the rest of the fans that have similar configuration ( a POS, G, R, B connector in any order) will be tested later (I'm 90% sure my gigabyte GPU rgb is in a similar config with its fans),because I want to focus on the real best of an issue which follows!::::::::

Big issue....

So I've learned very recently that there are two types of LEDs that computers implement, (please if I'm wrong about anything tell me!! I'm trying to figure out a solution for something I barely care about, but thought people on a budget would benefit!!)

-You got your rgb LEDs like my coolermaster listed above that heck, you can plug two wires from a nine volt into to figure out what is POS, R, G, B,

-Also you got your RGB strips that don't follow the same rules. Like nzxt LED strips. Which is my focus for now, because I own a modified (mesh front like it should be) h510i that came with their led strips. That allows me to mess with them without having t ok buy new things and I also won't care about them because my glass panel actually faces the wall lol so lights don't matter to me

So! What I go so far NZXT?!?!?!?!?(obvious stuff probably)

The nzxt LED strips have a +5v pin, Dout pin, GND, and a wire-
s pin.

+5v pin should be POS 5 volts right?
GND, should be ground

---real question is Dout, and wire-s pin

These two wire must be where the actual colors are controlled.
Heck, one could be color control, and one could be PWM control for brightness?


I would think that either the Dout pin or the wire-s pin will give me tons information if I can capture it properly, because there must be some way to convert digital reading of an led strip into close enough R G and b values to be outputted to simple rgb LEDs.

The problem is after this point, (only a week into adruino, and 7/8 weeks of intro to c programming in university, and another 2 years left on my degree) I'm not really sure how to capture this information with an arduino (if even possible), and almost certain that without a proper oscilloscope will not be able to get close to solving this.

I wish I had more information, but between school, work, and taking care of myself and my home this is as far as I got over the past week.

Any thoughts please share!!! From my experience in other fields if there is a will there is a way, and hell if you're willing to make some sacrifices it can be cheap too!!!!!

P.s. if you made it to this point you are my hero...

What you are describing is a "NeoPixel" or WS2812 type of LED. "DOUT" will not help you as it merely echoes the data sent in to it, the other pin would correctly be called "DIN" for "Data In".

Adafruit has code to drive the "NeoPixels" and other similar - but different such LEDs. You need to try that out. :grinning:

PWM effects ( not affects right lol?), brightness.

No, sorry :wink: "Affect" is the verb, "effect" is the noun.