Am I getting the right things?


As completely new to Arduino I'd like to get clarification on what I'm actually purchasing! :)

What I want to achieve: I'm wanting to monitor my home power usage (as seen many times on the internet) but also want to monitor the external temperature. I want to be able to compare the temperature against power usage. For the comparing and database storage etc then I'm 100% spot on with that.

What I "think" I need: 1 x Arduino Ethernet Board 1 x POE module

Am I correct in thinking that with these (with the additional components to monitor power and temp) I can perform the task by powering the board over ethernet but also make calls back to an interface I'd be running locally on the network.

A future modification would be to also track when windows/doors are opened and closed and when the heating in the house turns on etc.

You also need a device to inject the power into the ethernet line if your switch or hub is not already so equipped.

ok thanks! :)

I do have the PoE stuff already so just wanted to make sure from the Arduino side Iwas correct :)

Just to be sure, you already have an Arduino Uno or similar, right? The ethernet board is meant to piggyback on an Arduino of some type; it's just a peripheral device.

Based on the description of the Ethernet board I was under the assumption that I did not need anything additional?

Yes you're correct.

I see now there's a "shield" and a "board". The former requires an Uno, etc. and the latter does not.