AM2302 DHT sensor questions...

I have a bunch of AM2302 sensors which I use for monitoring temp and humidity.
Now I have a few questions I have not found the answers to:

  1. Powering off sensors between reads?
    Are the sensors going to report OK values if they are powered off between readings? My reading interval is 60 minutes and I have found that some sensors will stop working after a while of being constantly powered.
    If I just power cycle the sensors that have stopped working the values are again reported.
    So I got an idea that maybe I should power them off between readings. Is this a bad idea? And if so why?

  2. Time to stable readings
    If a sensor is started up (see power cycle idea above) is there a recommended wait time until a reading can be taken at full accuracy?
    If a sensor is just deployed to a new location, how long does it take for it to stabilize to the new temp/humidity?

  3. Sensor labeling
    I have noted that my sensors are labeled differently, older ones are marked:
    AOSONG AM2302
    and newer sensors are marked:
    ASAIR AM2302
    Are these from different makers or did AOSONG do a rebranding between my batches?

1) Powering off sensors between reads?
I have now modified my breadboard by adding a switch transistor and a 5V voltage regulator so I can feed the two test sensors I have with +5V supply on command from an ESP-07 pin.
Then I modified the code so that a read cycle starts by switching on the 5V power, then waits 2 seconds before running the measure cycle. After that is done it switches off the 5V and the whole cycle repeats at the set interval (1 hour).
The values seem to be OK, basically exactly as they were before the change.
So it seems like this is a valid procedure.

2) Time to stable readings
I still do not know how fast the sensors react to changing environment (temp and humidity)...

3) Sensor labeling
Also here I do not know the answer...