AM2320B Temp & Himidity: anyone used one?

All, up to now i have been using sht21 temp & humidity sensors on small breakout boards for projects. I like their accuracy, i2c bus interface and 3.3V compatibility.

I was looking for something more robust for an outdoor sensor and found these on eBay. They mention Arduino and sht21 compatibility. But i know enough to distrust eBay descriptions. Its not that i think the sellers are dishonest, just that they are not experts in what they sell.

I realise it will be important to place them in a shaded & sheltered position.

Any thought or experiences please?




Could be a DHT22 compatible, the some AM23xxxx use the same protocol as I found out in the past. - - I do not know this specific number. It might be an SHT21 made compatible with the DHT handshake. They did that also with the DHT33 which encapsulates an DS18B20 .


found this - so it uses I2C, so definitely not a DHT compatible


Description: 1. 4-pin package 2. Ultra-low power 3. No additional components 4. Excellent long-term stability 5. All calibration, digital output 6. Completely interchangeable 7. Long distance signal transmission 8. Relative humidity and temperature measurement Specifications: 1. Type:AM2320B temperature and humidity sensor single bus / IIC compatible interface for AM2301 \ SHT21 2. Accuracy resolution: 0.1 3. Measurement range: 0-100%RH 4. Temperature measurement range: -40? ~ +80? 5. Humidity measurement precision: ±3%RH 6. Temperature measurement precision: ±0.5? package: one pc

Found the data-sheet too (assuming it is the same as B) - it is too big to attach

Thanks Rob. Ideally it would be drop-in compatible with sht21, i.e. no sketch changes.

Would be good to see a working sketch from someone who has used them.

seem to be limited in I2C speed to 100KHz -