AM4096 communication problem

Hello there,

I am working on cloosed loop dc motor controller using AM4096 and arduino. Communication with RMK4 evaluation board (AM4096 sample) works great via I2C and directly. The problem is with custom made circuit, I can not get any data from AM4096 or even find it with I2C scanner. Have a look at this pictures bellow:


The first image presents my circuit and the second one shows orginal RMK4.
Anyone got any experience with that sensor and could tell me why my circuit doesn't work?

RMK4 datasheet

AM4096 datasheet


I am assuming you powered both with 5VDC. The first thing I see is your I2C pull up resistors are way to high. Replace the 47K with 4.7K and give it another try. Connect to VCC or +5 not VIN unless that is your 5V supply.