Amarino programming

hi i am extremely new to amarino in fact i just downloaded it . i want to know about the functions , in fact a reference (like in arduino) . can anyone give me a link or guide where i can learn about the meetandroid library

please reply fast its urgeant.

This is an Arduino forum. You'll get more answers when you ask in the Amarino Discussion Group.

If Amarino documentation is not available online, I'd recommend that you buy the book "All You Need To Know About Amarino", as advertised in the Amarino homepage. I'd not rely on fast answers, and for free, from people who have to buy and read that book before they can answer your questions.

thanks for your fast reply . so anyone who has purchased the ebook or knows about the meetandroid library please please reply any help will be greatfull

Sounds to me that you will need to buy the book.