Amazon Alexa Echo Dot with Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 control LED on off problem

I tried to connect my Amazon Alexa with the Arduino MKR 1010 via the smart home skills. I have already uploaded a source code from the 'Arduino IOT Cloud Amazon Alexa Integration' thread posted on Arduino Project Hub onto the Arduino IOT cloud. The serial monitor of the IOT Cloud also showed my board was already connected to my WiFi. However, when I used the 'discover device' function in the smart home skills by my tablet Alexa app, it showed no devices are found. I already connected the Alexa Echo Dot, my tablet and the board under the same WiFi network but it still failed to connect. Does anyone come across this issue? Please kindly help id so. Thanks a lot.

I am experiencing the same issue!
(see Alexa fails to discover mkr1010 on wifi )

Have you been able to overcome this issue?

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