Amazon Alexa fails to discover the thing(property) of MKR1000 on same wifi

I could use Arduino IoT dashboard to control my MKR 1000 board remotely to turn on/off the motor. However, I always fail to discover the thing(property) by using Amazon Alexa apps (connected an Alexa Echo) with Smart Home Skills "Arduino".

We changed the mobile, Amazon account, Arduino account, router, and networks. The result is still the same. It should work because there are several tutorials and good examples, which could be found as following the links.

Create a voice-controlled device with Alexa and Arduino IoT Cloud in 7 minutes

[# Arduino IoT Cloud Amazon Alexa Integration © CC BY-NC]

Of course, there are some guys who met the same problem this year and still failed to fix it.

[Amazon Alexa Echo Dot with Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 control LED on off problem]

[Alexa fails to discover mkr1010 on wifi]

Are there some guys who could help us? Or any suggested Arduino board suggested for further test?
I could buy another MKR 1010 and UNO for further test if there are some successful examples.

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