Ambient Pressure Sensor


I have a project where we need to read in Temperature, Humidity and Pressure - basically a little weather station for indoor use. Its just part of a larger project.

I currently have the SHT15 sensor which I have working well with the library found on here, however I now need to find a sensor suitable for pressure and I am not sure what to use.

The SHT15 I have is the Sparkfun breakout version. I am indeally wanting something like for the pressure sensor that is on a little board so I can easily put it on a wire and have it a small distance from the arduino itself.

I noticed sparkfun has two breakout boards with pressure sensors, however I am not sure which one I should use and if one will be ok to use with the SHT15. I am assuming that since the SHT15 isnt using the I2C or SPI bus, then either one of these will be fine - but I just wanted to check.

Is one better than the other, or one better for my application?

I basically just need the hPa reading of the area this machine will be in, as apparently (according to the guy I am building this for), small pressure variations can explain different results of the machine, so knowing what the pressure is at the time will be beneficial. Sorry for being vague however I cannot say exactly what the machine is due to copywrite reasons.

Thanks in advance