Ambilight for TV

Good Day,

I'm planning on building my own ambilight for a TV with an arduino. I found many instruction on how to do it by using hyperion.

The thing is I would prefer to code the video analysing part myself rather than relying on something like hyperion.

I know it would be way easier to use hyperion, but I would like to learn how to analyse the video signal myself.

But I can't really find any ressources on how to do it. I would be really glad about any advice you can give me.

I suspect many here who may be able to help will have no idea what an "ambilight" is, what "hyperion" is or what sort of "video analyzing" might be required.

If you are talking about real-time analysis of video data for a TV then that is very far beyond the capability of an Arduino - it would be far too slow and has far too little memory,