Ambilight with Nvidia Shield TV

I'm completely new to Arduino and led strips so thought I'd pick an easy project first and one that I thought would be cool - Ambilight on my 75" TV :slight_smile:

I followed the guide here

And the lights work great when choosing one colour but when I put it on screen capture and us one of the test patterns built into the android app the pattern does not match up with the location of the colours on the back of the TV. The colours are all there but just nowhere near where they are on the actual screen.

Any help in this would be great and appreciated.


Well, that page describes using a 42" TV. Yours is 75". What did you change in order to accommodate a larger TV?

The app has settings for how many LEDs across the horizontal and vertical.


What advice did you get when you reported the issue to the app developers?

unfortunately no response at all which is why I was hoping for some on here. Thanks

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