Ammo with LEDs? :D

At the bottom of the bullet we have the gun powder, next layer a 3v coin cell, and then run fine wires (however that would be done, groves in the bullets where surface mounted LED's can sit? ....

And then the real question, would it work? the heat from the gunpowder going to cook the lithium cell? the gforces killing any of the components?... (and then for a light show, firing off a few hundred :D)

I think the shock and/or the heat would wreck the LEDs.

LED tracer ammunition?

I think you would want an LED projectile in an unmodified case.

I think it would represent challenges beyond the hobbyist level as well as serious safety concerns.

I think even if one got it to technically work, the light produced by the bullets would be unsatisfactory when compared to how it might be imagined.

Looks like you can get 20 rounds of tracers for about US$40.

Fair enough, how about a lower powered weapon with smt leds? may as well fire off fireworks then? :fearful:

If you used an air rifle or something like that, it could work.. but the real question would be: what's the point? Sure, leds are more programmable than fireworks, but that would make for pretty expensive ammo...

Hi, i think you had better go back and look at how ammunition works, you wanted to put the power source for the LED behind the powder, this is the bit that stays in the gun, the shell. Any way at the speed of a bullet the LED would have to be superdooper bright to see it, especially in daylight. Finish the topic before it gets ridiculous. Anyhow where would the arduino fit?

Tom... :)

This is in "General Electronics"

Arduino need not be involved.

Who's this guy General Electronics ?