amount of data and arduino diecimilia

hi there,
i have 2 questions that i would be most appreciative if someone could help me with :slight_smile:
in max msp im sending alot of data to the arduino, im trying to send 4 pwm for dimming (in a cycle) leds at the same time whilst also sending 4 1/0’s to relays… the problem is the arduino cant seem to handle doing more than 3 pwm at a time and defiantly wont deal the four relays aswell.

how much data can the diecimilia handle? is this too much and bottle necking the info? (this is what im guessing)

if this is the case and the arduino cant process this amount of data, will arduino mega handle this? (if someone has one and could try sending it like 8 channels of pwm at the same time and let me know what happens i’d maybe love them forever :smiley: )

thanks for any help :slight_smile: let me know if i explained it in a rubbish way an will try to sort it out :slight_smile:

ps the arduino isnt mine and was thinking of getting a mega over a standard anyway’s… but if i need 2 arduino boards then ill have to get 2 diecimilias

I don’t think the problem is with the amount of data but rather the structure and use of software. If you could post your sketch I’m sure some of the software experts around here can help you with your task.


Power not up to feeding all the peripherals ? 4 relays and a quantity of leds could be above the 200 mA limit of the arduino.

hi guys thanks for the advice, i found the max/msp patch may be the culprit.
just to clear up. when the led’s are on full and not being controlled the relays work. it seems to be when max try’s to send loads of info at the same time… ill look into it a bit more and will update progress. :smiley:

i’ve just received my mega :smiley:
will see what happens with this.
will also post max patch once completed. i also am supposed to see my max/msp lecturer/teacher so will have him look at the patch and see if it’s there.
will post results soon as possible :smiley: