Amphibious car

I am a rookie with arduino. I want to make an amphibious car that is motion controlled but i cannot understand how to link two arduinos with each other so that one act as receiver and another a transmitter.

Wireless or wired?

Wireless doesn't work underwater so if your "car" needs to go completely under water, you should have a waterproof cable.

I am actually going to make it accident proof so that when it hits the water a float is released which keeps it from sinking and I want to make it wire less. less help me modelling it.

There are dozens of wireless modules. The main thing you need to know is the range: what distance do you need the radio to work?

Without knowing the distance, I can't recommend anything, but you might look at the buying guides at Sparkfun. They usually do a good job of explaining the issues. For example, here is their guide on buying Xbee radios:

I want the range to be 5m in radius from the controller. It is just a prototype in making.Please help sir.

Ritobrata_Mukherjee: I want the range to be 5m in radius from the controller. It is just a prototype in making.Please help sir.

Then you need to search for wireless communication equipment that has a 5 mile range. I don't think you will find the equipment in a hobby price range.

Actually it is not 5 mile it is 5 meter. The project is just for self knowledge. if successful it can be used in real life purpose.

Sir could you please help me with the electronic equipment required for the car.

Reading material for wireless communication.

Ritobrata_Mukherjee: please help me with the electronic equipment required for the car.

Did you look at the XBee guide MorganS posted earlier? From there you could link to here for example, where there are loads of links to more help.

yes i have looked to the guide and it helped but i want the list of main components required to make the amphibious car.

Ritobrata_Mukherjee: i want the list of main components required to make the amphibious car.

No that's your department, not ours. You'll need to do some introductory work on the Arduino tutorials for example, get a feel for what it's all about, and then do some preliminary thinking about motors, power supplies and so on.

Ritobrata_Mukherjee: an amphibious car that is motion controlled

What does "motion controlled" mean?

OK sir. Motion controlled means that it can be controlled by hand gestures. the hand system should have a transmitter device which would contain the accelerometer and the ultrasonic sensor to transmit the positioning of the hand. The car will move as the coordinates of the hand changes and with the distance between the fingers and the palm the car will increase or decrease its speed.

Sir I am thinking of using an old rc car and by replacing its IC by my own programmed arduino.I have thought of using a small pump in order to inflate the tube or float. It would have a water sensor in its base and ass soon as its base hits the water the pump will start causing the the float to inflate and stop the car from sinking. The car would also have two ultrasonic sensors I at its base and two at two ends of the car. If the the base sensor detects a height higher than that of the safe height it will inflate a float at the bottom of the car. The front sensor will immediately apply the brakes if an obstacle is found which can cause damage to the car and the rear sensor will glow leds if a it detects something dangerously close to the car.

Sir this my idea of the amphibious car. I would like our help in achieving it. :)

Seems to me that's way too much to consider all at once. If I were you I would prioritise the various major parts of that big project, investigate just one aspect (the motion control, maybe), and get that working by itself.

Thank u sir for your advice and I would categorize the works as their priority and get the working started. As you can see I am a first year student with a limited knowledge I would like your help in achieving this project.

Well you'll get plenty of help when you get to specifics of "how do I do xyz or abc" but nobody's going to design the thing for you, that's for sure. (Especially if it's a uni project, when the ethics of the matter are that it has to be substantially your own work.....)

Assuming you're studying engineering, at first year level there should be as much (if not more) emphasis on the engineering process than on technicalities of electronics or mechanics, where you have yet to learn those things.

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Making a simple amphibious "car" probably done using the typical three wheel bot concept. Make a simple waterproof open top rectangular box/body and use two continuous rotation servos to drive the side wheels/paddle wheels with an idler wheel in the rear.

sir what power of battery will be fit for my car and sir will the ultrasonic sensors get damaged in water??

Search the forum on the subject of waterproofing ultrasonic sensors: there has been some discussion but I'm not sure if there was every a satisfactory solution. Do a search....