Amplifier power controller

Hello! This will be my first project. So i was hoping for a little help to have something to start with.

My idea:

When i push a button (momentary) this will happen:

delay 0.5 sec relay 1 on delay 0.5 sec relay 2 on delay 0.5 sec relay 3 on delay 0.5 sec relay 4 on delay 0.5 sec relay 5 on

When i push the button again relay 1,2,3,4 will turn off at the same time and with a delay of 2 seconds relay 5 will turn off as well.

My idea is to ensure the current draw of the amplifier will blow my fuses as well as having a on/off system

Later i will try to implement PWM fan temp controll to the same device

best regards, Magnus Jacobsen

You could simulate it with 5 LEDs. Once you get that sketch working it is a matter of replacing the LEDs with the relays. What have you written so far?