amplifying audio to speaker

Hello everyone. I have made a wav player with my arduino uno, and have 3 buttons to control play/pause, next track, and volume.
I have it currently hooked to 1 piezo speaker and it is good but quiet.
I have another speaker that is a headphone speaker that doesn't make any sound, seemingly not enough power to it.
I have a AA battery pack for the boosting power.
I have an RCA 2N3053 transistor and a Helitrim 58-247-0 potentiometer.

I am trying to have the audio from pin 10 go through the potentiometer and transistor, out to the speaker, amplified.
I can't figure out the correct circuit to make with the equipment I have,

Thanks in advance for any help.
Here is a few pictures of the setup.

Arduino Uno Wav Player

You can’t make a linear audio power amplifier with a single transistor but you can make a [u]driver circuit[/u] to boost the square waves/pulses.

That transistor is rated for 700mA so with 5V and 8 Ohms (625mW) you are “pushing it” and with a 4 Ohm speaker you’d be exceeding the specs.

Since the driver circuit is a switching circuit the pot is of no use. If you need a volume control you can buy an amplifier ([u]example[/u]) or you can build one from an amplifier chip (the LM386 is popular for low-power amplifiers) or you can us regular “powered” computer speakers.