AMS NSE-5310 Incremental Position Sensor

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First post here and have been using Arduino for just over 12 months. I'm a programmer with limited electronic skills. My project has a requirement for very accurate linear position measuring over a few mm. I was considering using LVDT but have come across the AMS NSE-5310 Incremental Position Sensor. It's an I2C device. The datasheet is:

I was wondering if anybody has used one of these or something similar. If so what sort of sampling rate could I expect and is it possible to use 3 of these?

Alternatively can anybody suggest any alternatives for accurate linear position measuring?

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Mark S.

There were two previous threads from a guy who used a rotary version of a similar device from that company. I tried to buy one but the shipping cost was too big.

You would have to think about the scale of the motion you want to measure, it is very small.

did you read the datasheet. It says it has two sampling rates, 2.6 and 10.2 kHz.

I2C runs at 400 kHz but it isn't very efficient. You would be lucky if you actually managed to get 10 kHz sample rate through the I2C.

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10khz should be sufficient as I can slow the movement down if required. The linear distance is small, under 5mm.

Hi Mark,

I'm also interested in this application, for human motion control (ie. rotary knob). Have you been successful with the implementation?

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