Amsterdam area - paid help wanted for project

Hi you all!

For my NIXIE tube clock project I am searching for some help.
The code is mainly finished but needs some updates to fit my own hardware.
The idea is to use an ESP8266 as controller for the tubes.

Are you interested ? send me a private message!

thank you,

Can you describe more the project a little more?

Hi Sure, do you live in Netherlands ? thankyou

I wouldn't qualify because I don't live in the Netherlands and, anyway, I do these things more out of interest than for money because I find Nixie clocks fascinating. I've built three and have published one here, incidentally a 6 Tube ESP8266 based one Six Digit Nixie Clock . I've also got the tubes in stock for two more 6 digit clocks so I have something to do during the next lock down.

I guess, at least for the basic hardware, you are working based on a ready made design. Multiplexed designs require less hardware but are more complex to program and the perceived display brightness maybe less than that in a non multiplexed design.

Anyway, it is best to develop the project in such a way that there is some testable and visible result at each stage and there are a number of milestones.

On the hardware side is getting the high voltage power supply up and running and demonstrating that the nixies work. Simply connect one anonde, via the current limiting resistor to the power supply positive and systematically ground each nixie cathode to check it.

Purely in software, you can test getting a time from NTP using the ESP8266 and displaying the results on the serial monitor. This, incidentally, can be done using the newish inbuilt NTP functionality of the ESP8266 in an incredibly compact few lines of code and returns results in your time zone.

Then there is a bit of joining up to do starting by developing a function which will, given 6 (or maybe 4) arbitrary digits, will display these on the Nixies. This interfacing to the driver chips can be one of the more complex parts of the project. Finally, putting it all together.

If you decide anyway to progress further yourself, just open a thread, say under Project Guidance, and include your schematic and any code you've developed and you may get enough suggestions to help finish the project yourself.

Do you want the address and the credit card number before you tell more?

No of course not but when doing projects it is sometimes essential to meet face-to-face when testing hardware and software.
And if something isn't working properly I need someone to go to in urgent matters.

What is happening here ?

Preferable, perhaps. Rarely essential. I've had to work with folks all over the world on some large IT projects. Some of them I eventually met, some I never even saw on a video conference.

There were even a few from outsourcing companies that we began to suspect weren't the same 'Patrick' we were working with earlier :wink:

Haha lol :slight_smile:
Thankyou all for your input, that is much appreciated!
I do have some more contenders, let you know what's happening

Something else: I was confused about the messages in the chat above, didn't know that multiple individuals could answer in the same thread.
Was wondering why the username changed :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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