an alternative arduino ide ?


first sorry for broken english i'm french canadian from quebec

second sorry i'm a begginer in arduino

So my question is there is a alternative or mod for original ide I should install. I found great site with suggestion but alot are outdated or don't run on win xp

I have a laptop that I only use for my uno and mega . win xp 32 bit 2 go ram . core 2 duo .

I'm looking for something with lot of color to easily track my program since i'm new to c++
and with easy integration of library. maybe auto suggest or other fonctionnality for begginer and ect

Thank you very much and have a nice day

I have succed to instal eclipse with baeyen. But the indexer is fucktop sometime work work partialy or dosent. I try multiple fix but nothing change. One in baeyen sote tell to go in c++ indexer and add file bit i dont have option to add file

Why not just use the Arduino IDE?

Or do your program editing with a text editor such as Geany which I use.
I think Windoze people use Notepad+


Because i want indexer. Auto suggest and all variable / function listed in a separate windows . Text color ect

By the time you have found it you will be sufficiently experienced not to need it :slight_smile:


Well i just make eclipse run . Just sometime i got indexer problem. But work fine. If you got good c++ basic tutorial ill take it . I dont want to copy existing code then modify it .

If you got good c++ basic tutorial ill take it

Tutorial about what? - Building an IDE ?





Have a look to, the IDE based on atom have what you looking for, autocomplete, linter ...


Atom with PlatformIO is good option. But Iā€™m prefer to use CLion, and using Arudino-CMake to enable arduino aupport for CLion.

Or a lighter and better option to use iotor with CLion, Atom or any ide/editor that you like.

After initializing, adding or deleting files run

# in <project>/build dir
$ cmake ..

When you want to upload:

$ make upload

B4R is another, completely free, alternative IDE:

V1.00 will be released next week.

Hi There!if you find arduino ide is hard,then you can hook up with pictoblox.its free and especially made for beginners as well as can search through the internet and download it.

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