An App Store + FOTA for Arduino -- works with Android/Mac/Linux/Win

Hi All, I just wanted to drop a note here to announce our hardware @ DaisyWorks We built an Arduino-derivative (ATMEGA328 with Arduino bootloader), but it has a few other interesting twists: Class 1 Bluetooth modem, servo ports, SD card slot, IrDA Rx/Tx, a custom case, and we pulled all the other pins out to standard RJ telco jacks. This allows us to quickly swap out different sensors on the same device without having to hard-wire anything -- plus the connectors are latched so they won't fall out. The cabling is cheap and easy to make.

We also wrote software that allows you to do FOTA over Bluetooth with your Android phone or a desktop (Mac/Linux/Win). Once we got the FOTA working, we decided to build an App Store repository that holds pre-built firmware images. So, you can browse the firmware on your phone or computer, download one, connect to the device and push it onto the device. Then we thought it would also be interesting if you had a UI environment that allowed you to interact with the device, so we built that in for the desktop software -- you can write your own UI and couple it to a firmware. For the Android side, you simply write an Android app that is coupled to the firmware.

We think this makes for an interesting platform b/c of how quickly you can re-purpose the hardware. All of our hardware / software is open. We wrote up a tutorial on how to program firmware/ui apps. Finally, the cost of our hardware is...well, significantly less than comparable devices (at least as far as we can tell).

Please come and check us out and let us know what you think. I would love some feedback -- you can post here, or email davis 'at'

If you'd like to review our stuff for a write-up, let me know and we can arrange to send you something.

Best regards,

We also wrote software that allows you to do FOTA over Bluetooth

Open source?

Yes, it is open source. We haven't had time to get all the docs, etc. in order, but we aim to publish it all. We could also work on making an App Store that works for any Arduino -- but it is a simple matter of whether we think it will be worth it. We're trying to gauge the community's reaction -- if there is a desire for some of these missing links which we have resolved, we'll extend it and make it better, more widely applicable.

Anyway, if you are interested in a specific piece -- the FOTA code for Android or the Desktop we can work on getting it out there. Basically, we wrote our own avrdude in Java.


Well I sent you a E-Mail about my problems with the Arduino site and the gedit of the makefile to get it working !